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Survey Indexes
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The goal of the project is to replace all existing paper survey indexes and registers with a single point access system, to allow for the tracking of plans from the date of deposit through to registration and to provide for a link for online access to the plans of survey. The province has a complicated land holding system. The province is broken into Townships Parishes Settlements and Indian Reserves, each having numerous sub groups. There are six regional land titles offices each with their own plan numbering systems. Through the computerization of the indexes the Property Registry has been able to standardize the indexes and provide a cross references to public and private clients that was only available through an exhaustive search of the paper records in the Winnipeg Office.

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Current Progress

The first phase of the project, the index has been completed.

Access to Manitoba Land Titles Office (LTO) Survey Plan Index is now available through the Internet. We have converted the paper cardex files to to an "electronic cardex" allowing you to search via Dominion Government Survey (DGS) online, anytime, anywhere.

This service is free and no special password is required.

To access the site:

1)  Type in //www.gov.mb.ca/tpr/index.html from your internet browser
2) Click on Business Services Guide
3) Click on Land Titles
4) Click on Search Services
5) Click on Find Plans by DGS
6) Bookmark this site for future visits

24-hour technical support is also available. Please call: 

944-2818 (in Winnipeg)
1-888-532-3476 (outside Winnipeg)

The next phase in the development of the index, the scanning the survey plans and attaching them to the index data base, is currently in process.

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Technical Information

The data base is created using screens that were developed in Micro Soft Access. Flat files are then transferred to a DB2 data base that can then be viewed through the web server.

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Additional Information

We are also looking for your feedback. We have already begun to work on an enhanced version of the survey index and we’d like to incorporate your suggestions in future releases. Please contact the Winnipeg Land Titles Office at:

E-mail: ltosurveys@bsi.gov.mb.ca

Phone: (204) 948-2908 (in Winnipeg)

Fax: (204) 948-1284

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