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Winnipeg School Division
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- Objectives
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To direct migrating families, within the Inner City District of Winnipeg School Division No. 1, to available, affordable and safe housing within the same innercity school boundaries to address the issue of children changing schools frequently and eliminating the negative effects on the children's education and well-being. When compared with students who are not transient, these effects may include lower academic achievement, higher incidences of behaviour, nutrition, health, hygiene problems, a greater likelihood of dropping out of school, depression, delinquency, suicide, premature parenthood, and neglectful parenting.

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1. To establish a Housing Registry Information Clearinghouse to coordinate current private and public sector housing information (rental units) on a GIS based platform.
2. To include information about school catchment areas in this data base so that families know if a change in housing can be made without moving schools.
3. To provide access to this information to agencies, which work with families, such as the schools, Child Guidance Clinic, Employment and Income Assistance, Child and Family Services, Aboriginal social service agencies, the Winnipeg Police Service, etc.
4. To promote the availability of this service and the benefits of keeping children within one school to all stakeholders and families in the Inner City District of Winnipeg School Division No. 1.

To monitor the effects of this service in terms of:
-           numbers of clients using the service
-           mobility rate of students as measured by 
         School Division No.1 statistics
-           moving costs borne by social service agencies
-           occupancy rates, numbers of moves and
         costs of moving families borne by housing

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GIS User Interface Design

Following is an outline of the GIS application interface (under development):


  • map of school catchment area with boundaries highlighted in colour

  • multiple catchment areas of other schools surrounding the target school\

  • street names

  • map that shows location of school, community centres and parks, hospitals, police station, firehall, junior and senior high schools

  • client's address would call up the address of the school that serves the client's address

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Dynamic Information (updated online as required):

  • rental specific information - such as address of vacancy, type of housing, rent, utilities (cost of or if included), number of bedrooms, contact phone number, date of posting, if pets allowed, lease requirements, damage deposits

  • vacant addresses within the school catchment area

  • rooming houses or accommodation suitable for students on independent living

  • availability of daycare spots

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Static Information (updated by storage device [CD] every 3 or 6 months):

  • daycare centre and /or school-age daycare available in the school
  • licensed daycares (provincial or private) which serve the area including before and after school childcare
  • bus routes and how they connect to other bus routes
  • community health centres, walk-in clinics, dental clinics, translation services, churches, food banks
  • Red River College, University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba
  • shopping, grocery stores, laundromats, drug stores
  • Employment and Income Assistance Centres, CFS locations, playground/after hours sites, safety (community safety patrols, block parents, Neighbourhood Watch captains WIN, etc.)

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