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Land Projects International Joint Commission

Flood Map


In June 1997, the Government of Canada and the United States requested the International Joint Commission to examine and report on the causes and effects of damaging floods in the Red River basin and to recommend ways to reduce and prevent harm from future flooding. To assist it with this binational investigation, the Commission has appointed an International Red River Basin Task Force. The Task Force, comprised of members from a variety of backgrounds in public policy and water resources management, will provide advice to the Commission on matters identified in the letters from governments.

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The IJC virtual database and the MLI database

Red River Basin Disaster Information Network (RRBDIN) is a Decision Support System to facilitate coordination and interaction among agencies and entities responsible for disaster planning and response in the Red River Basin. Its important component is the Canadian Red River Basin Virtual Database (RRBVDB) as the source for tracking and providing access to data that is managed by Canadian agencies. The purpose of the RRBDB is to provide interested parties with information related to flood management throughout the basin. The types of information relate to emergency response activities, planning flood protection and flood prevention works, and flood recovery activities. This information will be made accessible to all interested governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the public via the Web. This virtual database is hosted by the Government of Manitoba, through the Manitoba Land Initiative.

Currently, the Water Resources Branch (Conservation), together with their federal partners (PFRA - Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration) are developing a decision support system for flood officials - a GIS application that will use land info/maps residing in the MLI database.

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International Red River Basin Task Force

Red River Basin Disaster Information Network  This is a hot link to the Red River Basin Board home page which contains various background documents about the internet flood page. It is the hot link to the draft version of the IJC Flood Page (the Decision Information Network - DIN) which will have link to our ManWeb IJC flood data page.

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Decision Support Applications for Flood Management in the Pembina River Basin (MS Word)
Prepared by Houston Engineering, Inc. Minneapolis, and Golder Associates, Calgary, December, 1999 Functional Scenarios for the Red River Basin Disaster Information Network (MS Word)
Prepared by Houston Engineering, Inc. Minneapolis, and Golder Associates, Calgary, July, 1999 Decision Support Sustem for Flood Management in the Red River Basin (Adobe Reader)
Prepared by Slobodan, P. Simonovic, Ph.D., P.Eng., Winnipeg, November 1998

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