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Mining Claims
With the introduction of the new graphical based presentation system for claim maps and compilation maps, the service to our customers in the exploration and mining industry has made a quantum leap.  Prospectors, geologists, mining company staff and other interested stakeholders will be able to access information on-line and if they have equipment available, from the comfort of their own homes.  This information will be updated and available in a much shorter time frame.  Customers will be able to:
  • see where mineral dispositions are located,

  • see what infrastructure exists in their area of interest,

  • see areas that are restricted to staking and exploration,

  • find out when claims may expire,

  • find out who holds what ground,

  • find out what ground is available for staking in their area of interest,

  • find out where recent staking has taken place,

  • find out what work was done in the area, and download assessment files directly to their computer.

The graphical system will aid clients in preparing exploration programs and help them in their decision process with regards to investing exploration dollars in Manitoba.

Industry, Trade and Mines is an ESRI shop, and  have chosen ESRI’s ArcIms as the tool to serve GIS on the Internet.   This technology will allow users of all levels to exchange, integrate and analyze data in new ways.

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