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About Us

Manitoba Land Initiative  (MLI) is a cross-departmental partnership project and corporate approach to Land Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Government of Manitoba. Its goals are to:

1.      Harmonize and share government's land related information from different departments  and make them available on Intranet and Internet;

2.      Integrate and provide access to existing information to decision-makers in areas such as resource management, environmental impact analysis, public safety, sustainable development and encouraging investment in the province.

Its activities address business needs of participating departments and agencies: Agriculture; Growth, Enterprise and Trade; Sustainable Development; Infrastructure; Indigenous and Municipal Relations; Crown Lands and Property Agency; The Property Registry.

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In June 1999, the Deputy Ministers of departments involved in land-related information systems formed the cross-departmental working group led by the Office of Information Technology. The group was tasked to develop and recommend a structure for a government wide framework for the management of land related information. This working group reports to the MLI Steering Committee, comprised of Deputy Ministers from all departments involved in land management.  

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A Manitoba First

The Manitoba Land Initiative became the first initiative to develop and deliver an integrated Intranet site. By respecting the differences in departmental land-related information needs and taking advantage of areas of common interest, the first step in a shared network has been completed. Through this cooperative effort the first cross-departmental land-related information page has been launched. The system is now available to all provincial government workers on Intranet and to general public on the Internet. 

The MLI page and its database represent an important starting point for sharing of governmental land-related knowledge and information.  This site is a part of an ongoing process, not a fixed or final product. GIS users and decision-makers will now guide future evolvement of this tool based upon their business needs.  

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Benefits to Corporate Approach

A corporate approach to land management systems can provide substantial benefits:

  • Timely and accurate decision making with readily available data;
  • Public access to land data from all government departments and agencies;
  • On-line, accurate, real time land data from electronic transactions;
  • Service delivery available throughout the province in government offices and remote locations
  • Coordinated and cooperative use of internal resources from all departments; and
  • An improved workplace with more opportunity to upgrade the skills of government employees.

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Other jurisdictions

Governments around the world have recognized the benefits of an effective framework for land information management.  In Canada, the federal government and most provincial governments are building land information frameworks. This approach is also being developed in federal and state governments in the United States, western European countries, Australia and New Zealand.

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