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Core Maps - Data Warehouse


The Core Maps - Data Warehouse
provides a set of provincial base map products that meet a broad range of digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) needs.  All core maps are available in several formats (see table below) and come with metadata.   The "Interactive Maps" option on the bottom left, provides access to a number of servers and their larger seamless datasets.

All coordinates are in the
NAD83 UTM projection Zone 14 or
EPSG:26914 unless noted otherwise.  The use of data from the Data Warehouse is subject to the terms laid out in  "Terms of Use"  agreement.

Revisions 2014/04/24 items  
Data Standards 2009/09/15  
In the Works 2010/11/08 projects currently being worked on 
Events   GIS events
Registered users: 2007/03/20 - 9555   2008/07/15 - 11,770   2011/05/09 - 16178  2013/11/28 - 20487
DOC  Download or view data documentation (metadata).  (Use "BACK" button to return to selections)
DXF  Download map files in AutoCAD in Data Exchange Format
GEO  Download map file in ESRI GeoDatabase format.   (Use "BACK" button to return to selections)
GIF  Viewable "snapshots" of the data sets.   (Use "BACK" button to return to selections)
SHP  Download map files in ESRI Shape Format
SID  Download files in MrSid Format.
TIF  Download or view raster files in Tagged Image Format.

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