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MLI Committee

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On June 04 1999, the Deputy Minister Committee of departments involved in land related information systems gave the mandate to the Manitoba Land Initiative (MLI) Committee to develop and recommend a structure for a government-wide framework for the management of land-related information. Office of Information Technology was delegated to lead and co-ordinate this initiative.
Representative departments involved in this process included: Agriculture and Food, Industry, Trade and Mines, Conservation, Highways and Government Services, Intergovernmental Affairs, and two special operating agencies: Land Management Services (GS) and Land Titles Offices (CCA). As well as being cross-departmental, the MLI Committee is also cross-functional bringing together information technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts, planners and policy makers.

Delegated Committee members were:

Agriculture and Food



Highways and
Government Services

Industry, Trade and Mines

Intergovernmental Affairs

Land Titles Offices (CCA)

Office of Information Technology

Darren Brothers

Kip Tyler / Hartley Pokrant

Chris Green

Dan Buhler
Dyrk Bolger

Andy Bibik

Larry Phillips

Gary Fraser

Jadranka Paskvalin (chairman)

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By October 1999, the MLI Committee had defined a vision for the Manitoba Land Initiative, its goals and its framework. The Deputy Minister Committee accepted the MLI framework together with 18 recommendations that were necessary for creating a new "in-house" corporate approach to land information management and approval was obtained to proceed with the implementation phase.

In November 1999 three technical subgroups were formed:
The Database Subgroup - to allow direct on-line access to all governmental core data through a single Intranet web-page.
The Metadata Subgroup - to catalogue all governmental land related information.
The Cadastral Subgroup - to link ownership, interests, and assessed value information, which is now in textual form, to a spatial map.

Meeting Minutes

MLI Committee 2002 February 22,2002 May 03, 2002
MLI Committee 2001 October 12,2001
September 17, 2001
March 22, 2001
March 15, 2001
MLI Committee 2000


November 10, 2000
October 27, 2000
September 28, 2000
July 14, 2000
June 22, 2000
June 07, 2000
May 10, 2000
March 23, 2000
February 21, 2000

January 12, 2000
MLI Committee 1999 December 03, 1999 
October 29, 1999
October 19, 1999
September 02, 1999
August 18, 1999
July 09, 1999
June 28, 1999
June 14, 1999
The Database Subgroup December 08, 1999
November 25, 1999
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Comparison Table
The Metadata Subgroup January 11, 2000 (status report)
December 03, 1999 (status report)
Status of Metadata Collection
The Cadastral Subgroup January 10, 1999 ( missing)
December 01, 1999
November 05, 1999
January 12, 1999 (status report)
December 01, 1999 (status report)
March 13, 2002
April 19, 2002

May 24, 2002

June 21, 2002
The Technical Committee October 29, 2001  
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