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Core Maps - Data Warehouse

Town & Village Plans

NOTE: The PDFs were created by Manitoba Infrastructure originally from hand drafted street plans and may not be true to scale. The maps show town limits and street names. These plans are updated on an ongoing basis as needed but may have missing streets or possible variations in town limits. After viewing the PDF, the file may be saved to your disk by choosing the "save file" option from your web browser. The metadata for this collection of files can be accessed by clicking here.

Dataset .PDF
Alexander S1 .PDF
Alonsa S1 .PDF
Altamont S1 .PDF
Altona S1 .PDF
Altona S2 .PDF
Amaranth S1 .PDF
Angusville S1 .PDF
Anola S1 .PDF
Arborg S1 .PDF
Arden S1 .PDF
Argyle S1 .PDF
Arnaud S1 .PDF
Arnes S1 .PDF
Arrow River S1 .PDF
Ashern S1 .PDF
Austin S1 .PDF
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Baden S1 .PDF
Badger S1 .PDF
Bagot S1 .PDF
Baldur S1 .PDF
Balmoral S1 .PDF
Barnsley S1 .PDF
Barrows S1 .PDF
Basswood S1 .PDF
Beausejour S1 .PDF
Belair S1 .PDF
Belleview S1 .PDF
Bellsite S1 .PDF
Belmont S1 .PDF
Benito S1 .PDF
Berens River S1 .PDF
Beresford S1 .PDF
Bethany S1 .PDF
Beulah S1 .PDF
Bield S1 .PDF
Binscarth S1 .PDF
Birch River S1 .PDF
Birds Hill S1 .PDF
Birdtail S1 .PDF
Birnie S1 .PDF
Birtle S1 .PDF
Bissett S1 .PDF
Blumenfeld S1 .PDF
Blumenort S1 .PDF
Blumenort South S1 .PDF
Boissevain S1 .PDF
Bowsman S1 .PDF
Bradwardine S1 .PDF
Brandon S1 .PDF
Brandon S2 .PDF
Brandon S3 .PDF
Brandon S4 .PDF
Brandon S5 .PDF
Brandon S6 .PDF
Brandon S7 .PDF
Brandon S8 .PDF
Brandon S9 .PDF
Brandon S10 .PDF
Brandon S11 .PDF
Brandon S12 .PDF
Brandon S13 .PDF
Brandon S14 .PDF
Brandon S15 .PDF
Broad Valley S1 .PDF
Brookdale S1 .PDF
Broomhill S1 .PDF
Brunkild S1 .PDF
Bruxelles S1 .PDF
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Caliento S1 .PDF
Camperville S1 .PDF
Camper S1 .PDF
Camp Morton S1 .PDF
Carberry S1 .PDF
Carberry S2 .PDF
Cardale S1 .PDF
Cardinal S1 .PDF
Carey S1 .PDF
Carman S1 .PDF
Carroll S1 .PDF
Cartwright S1 .PDF
Chater S1 .PDF
Chatfield S1 .PDF
Chortitz S1 .PDF
Churchill S1 .PDF
Churchill S2 .PDF
Clandeboye S1 .PDF
Clanwilliam S1 .PDF
Clarkleigh S1 .PDF
Clearwater S1 .PDF
Cold Lake S1 .PDF
Cordova S1 .PDF
Cormorant S1 .PDF
Coulter S1 .PDF
Cowan S1 .PDF
Cranberry Portage S1 .PDF
Crandall S1 .PDF
Crane River S1 .PDF
Cromer S1 .PDF
Cross Lake S1 .PDF
Crystal City S1 .PDF
Culross S1 .PDF
Cypress River S1 .PDF
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Dacotah S1 .PDF
Dand S1 .PDF
Darlingford S1 .PDF
Dauphin S1 .PDF
Dauphin S2 .PDF
Dauphin S3 .PDF
Dawson Bay S1 .PDF
Decker S1 .PDF
Deepdale S1 .PDF
Deerhorn S1 .PDF
Deleau S1 .PDF
Deloraine S1 .PDF
Domain S1 .PDF
Dominion City S1 .PDF
Douglas S1 .PDF
Dropmore S1 .PDF
Duck Bay S1 .PDF
Dufresne S1 .PDF
Dufrost S1 .PDF
Dugald S1 .PDF
Dunnottar S1 .PDF
Dunnottar S2 (Matlock) .PDF
Dunnottar S3 (Whytewold) .PDF
Dunnottar S4 (Ponemah) .PDF
Dunrea S1 .PDF
Durban S1 .PDF
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Easterville S1 .PDF
East Braintree S1 .PDF
East Selkirk S1 .PDF
Ebor S1 .PDF
Eden S1 .PDF
Edrans S1 .PDF
Elgin S1 .PDF
Elie S1 .PDF
Elkhorn S1 .PDF
Elma S1 .PDF
Elm Creek S1 .PDF
Elphinstone S1 .PDF
Elva S1 .PDF
Emerson S1 .PDF
Erickson S1 .PDF
Eriksdale S1 .PDF
Ethelbert S1 .PDF
Ewart S1 .PDF
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Fairfax S1 .PDF
Fairford S1 .PDF
Falcon Lake S1 .PDF
Fannystelle S1 .PDF
Faulkner S1 .PDF
Findlay S1 .PDF
Finns S1 .PDF
Fisher Bay S1 .PDF
Fisher Branch S1 .PDF
Flin Flon S1 .PDF
Flin Flon S2 .PDF
Flin Flon S3 .PDF
Flin Flon S4 .PDF
Fork River S1 .PDF
Forrest S1 .PDF
Fortier S1 .PDF
Fort Churchill S1 .PDF
Foxwarren S1 .PDF
Franklin S1 .PDF
Fraserwood S1 .PDF
Friedensfeld S1 .PDF
Friedensruh S1 .PDF
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Gardenton S1 .PDF
Garland S1 .PDF
Gilbert Plains S1 .PDF
Gillam S1 .PDF
Gillam S2 .PDF
Gillam S3 .PDF
Gimli S1 .PDF
Giroux S1 .PDF
Gladstone S1 .PDF
Glenboro S1 .PDF
Glenella S1 .PDF
Glenora S1 .PDF
Gnadenfeld S1 .PDF
Gnadenthal S1 .PDF
Gods Lake Narrows S1 .PDF
Goodlands S1 .PDF
Gordon S1 .PDF
Grahamdale S1 .PDF
Grande-Clairiere S1 .PDF
Grande Pointe S1 .PDF
Grandview S1 .PDF
Grand Beach & Grand Marais S1 .PDF
Grand Rapids S1 .PDF
Grand Rapids S2 .PDF
Graysville S1 .PDF
Great Falls S1 .PDF
Greenway S1 .PDF
Gretna S1 .PDF
Griswold S1 .PDF
Grosse Isle S1 .PDF
Grunthal S1 .PDF
Gunton S1 .PDF
Gypsumville S1 .PDF
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Hadashville S1 .PDF
Hamiota S1 .PDF
Harding S1 .PDF
Hargrave S1 .PDF
Harrowby S1 .PDF
Hartney S1 .PDF
Haskett S1 .PDF
Hayfield S1 .PDF
Haywood S1 .PDF
Hazelridge S1 .PDF
Headingley S1 .PDF
Herb Lake Landing S1 .PDF
High Bluff S1 .PDF
Hilbre S1 .PDF
Hilton S1 .PDF
Hnausa S1 .PDF
Hochfeld S1 .PDF
Hodgson S1 .PDF
Holland S1 .PDF
Holmfield S1 .PDF
Homewood S1 .PDF
Horndean S1 .PDF
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Ile Des Chenes 2020 .PDF
Ile Des Chenes S1 .PDF
Ingelow S1 .PDF
Inglis S1 .PDF
Inwood S1 .PDF
Isabella S1 .PDF
Island Lake S1 .PDF
Justice S1 .PDF
Kaleida S1 .PDF
Kane S1 .PDF
Kelloe S1 .PDF
Kelwood S1 .PDF
Kemnay S1 .PDF
Kenton S1 .PDF
Kenville S1 .PDF
Killarney S1 .PDF
Kirkella S1 .PDF
Kleefeld S1 .PDF
Kola S1 .PDF
Komarno S1 .PDF
Kronsthal S1 .PDF
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Lac du Bonnet S1 .PDF
Ladywood S1 .PDF
Lake Francis S1 .PDF
Landmark S1 .PDF
Langruth S1 .PDF
Lauder S1 .PDF
Laurier S1 .PDF
Lavinia S1 .PDF
La Broquerie S1 .PDF
La Riviere S1 .PDF
La Rochelle S1 .PDF
La Salle S1 .PDF
Leaf Rapids S1 .PDF
Leaf Rapids S2 .PDF
Lena S1 .PDF
Lenore S1 .PDF
Letellier S1 .PDF
Libau S1 .PDF
Lockport S1 .PDF
Loni Beach S1 .PDF
Lorette S1 .PDF
Lowe Farm S1 .PDF
Lundar S1 .PDF
Lyleton S1 .PDF
Lynn Lake S1 .PDF
Lynn Lake S2 .PDF
Lynn Lake Sheet 1 .PDF
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MacDonald S1 .PDF
MacGregor S1 .PDF
Mafeking S1 .PDF
Makinak S1 .PDF
Mallard S1 .PDF
Malonton S1 .PDF
Manigotagan S1 .PDF
Manitou S1 .PDF
Manson S1 .PDF
Marchand S1 .PDF
Margaret S1 .PDF
Mariapolis S1 .PDF
Marquette S1 .PDF
Mather S1 .PDF
Matheson Island S1 .PDF
McAuley S1 .PDF
McConnell S1 .PDF
McCreary S1 .PDF
McMunn S1 .PDF
Meadows S1 .PDF
Medora S1 .PDF
Meleb S1 .PDF
Melita S1 .PDF
Menisino S1 .PDF
Mentmore S1 .PDF
Menzie S1 .PDF
Miami S1 .PDF
Middlebro S1 .PDF
Millwood S1 .PDF
Miniota S1 .PDF
Minitonas S1 .PDF
Minnedosa S1 .PDF
Minnedosa S2 .PDF
Minto S1 .PDF
Mitchell S1 .PDF
Molson S1 .PDF
Moore Park S1 .PDF
Moosehorn S1 .PDF
Moose Lake S1 .PDF
Morden S1 .PDF
Morden S2 .PDF
Morden S3 .PDF
Morden S4 .PDF
Morris S1 .PDF
Mountainside S1 .PDF
Mulvihill S1 .PDF
Myrtle S1 .PDF
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Napinka S1 .PDF
Narcisse S1 .PDF
National Mills S1 .PDF
Neelin S1 .PDF
Neepawa S1 .PDF
Neepawa S2 .PDF
Nelson House S1 .PDF
Nesbitt S1 .PDF
Neubergthal S1 .PDF
Neuenburg S1 .PDF
Neuhorst S1 .PDF
Newdale S1 .PDF
Newton S1 .PDF
New Bothwell S1 .PDF
Ninette S1 .PDF
Ninga S1 .PDF
Niverville S1 .PDF
Niverville S2 .PDF
Norway House S1 .PDF
Notre Dame De Lourdes S1 .PDF
Novra S1 .PDF
Oakbank S1 .PDF
Oakburn S1 .PDF
Oakland S1 .PDF
Oakner S1 .PDF
Oakville S1 .PDF
Oak Bluff S1 .PDF
Oak Lake S1 .PDF
Oak Point S1 .PDF
Oak River S1 .PDF
Oberon S1 .PDF
Ochre River S1 .PDF
Okno S1 .PDF
Onanole S1 .PDF
Osborne S1 .PDF
Osterwick  S1 .PDF
Otterburne S1 .PDF
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Pelican Rapids S1 .PDF
Petersfield S1 .PDF
Pierson S1 .PDF
Pikwitonei S1 .PDF
Pilot Mound S1 .PDF
Pinawa S1 .PDF
Piney S1 .PDF
Pine Dock S1 .PDF
Pine River S1 .PDF
Pipestone S1 .PDF
Plumas S1 .PDF
Plum Coulee S1 .PDF
Poplarfield S1 .PDF
Poplar Point S1 .PDF
Portage Index Sheet .PDF
Portage S1 .PDF
Portage S2 .PDF
Portage S3 .PDF
Portage S4 .PDF
Portage S5 .PDF
Powerview-Pine Falls S1 .PDF
Powerview-Pine Falls S2 .PDF
Powerview-Pine Falls S3 .PDF
Prawda S1 .PDF
Princess Harbour S1 .PDF
Purves S1 .PDF
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Rackham S1 .PDF
Rapid City S1 .PDF
Rathwell S1 .PDF
Red Deer Lake S1 .PDF
Regent S1 .PDF
Reinfeld S1 .PDF
Reinland S1 .PDF
Rembrandt S1 .PDF
Rennie S1 .PDF
Renwer S1 .PDF
Reston S1 .PDF
Richer S1 .PDF
Ridgeville S1 .PDF
Riding Mountain S1 .PDF
Riverside S1 .PDF
Rivers S1 .PDF
Riverton S1 .PDF
Roblin S1 .PDF
Roblin S2 .PDF
Rock Ridge S1 .PDF
Roland S1 .PDF
Rorketon S1 .PDF
Rosa S1 .PDF
Roseau River S1 .PDF
Rosebank S1 .PDF
Roseisle S1 .PDF
Rosenfeld S1 .PDF
Rosengart S1 .PDF
Rosenort S1 .PDF
Rosetown S1 .PDF
Rossburn S1 .PDF
Rossendale S1 .PDF
Rosser S1 .PDF
Ross S1 .PDF
Rounthwaite S1 .PDF
Russell S1 .PDF
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Sandilands S1 .PDF
Sandy Hook S1 .PDF
Sandy Lake S1 .PDF
Sanford S1 .PDF
San Clara S1 .PDF
Sarto S1 .PDF
Scarth S1 .PDF
Schanzenfeld S1 .PDF
Schoenwiese S1 .PDF
Sclater S1 .PDF
Selkirk S1 .PDF
Selkirk S2 .PDF
Selkirk S3 .PDF
Selkirk S4 .PDF
Seven Sisters Falls S1 .PDF
Shellmouth S1 .PDF
Sherridon S1 .PDF
Shilo S1 .PDF
Shoal Lake S1 .PDF
Sidney S1 .PDF
Sifton S1 .PDF
Silverton S1 .PDF
Silver S1 .PDF
Sinclair S1 .PDF
Snowflake S1 .PDF
Snow Lake S1 .PDF
Snow Lake S2 .PDF
Solsgirth S1 .PDF
Somerset S1 .PDF
Sommerfeld S1 .PDF
Souris S1 .PDF
South Indian Lake S1 .PDF
South Junction S1 .PDF
Sperling S1 .PDF
Sprague S1 .PDF
Springstein S1 .PDF
St.-Georges S1 .PDF
St. Adolphe S1 .PDF
St. Alphonse S1 .PDF
St. Ambroise S1 .PDF
St. Claude S1 .PDF
St. Eustache S1 .PDF
St. Francois Xavier S1 .PDF
St. Jean Baptiste S1 .PDF
St. Joseph S1 .PDF
St. Laurent S1 .PDF
St. Lazare S1 .PDF
St. Leon S1 .PDF
St. Malo S1 .PDF
St. Malo S2 .PDF
St. Malo S3 .PDF
St. Martin S1 .PDF
St. Pierre Jolys S1 .PDF
Starbuck S1 .PDF
Ste. Agathe S1 .PDF
Ste. Anne S1 .PDF
Ste. Elizabeth S1 .PDF
Ste. Genevieve S1 .PDF
Ste. Rita S1 .PDF
Stead S1 .PDF
Steep Rock S1 .PDF
Steinbach S1 .PDF
Steinbach S2 .PDF
Steinbach S3 .PDF
Steinbach S4 .PDF
Ste Rose Du Lac S1 .PDF
Stockton S1 .PDF
Stonewall S1 .PDF
Stony Mountain S1 .PDF
Strathclair S1 .PDF
Stuartburn S1 .PDF
St Laurent S1 .PDF
Sundown S1 .PDF
Swan Lake S1 .PDF
Swan River S1 .PDF
Swan River S2 .PDF
Swan River S3 .PDF
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Tenby S1 .PDF
Teulon S1 .PDF
Thalberg S1 .PDF
The Pas S1 .PDF
The Pas S2 .PDF
The Pas S3 .PDF
Thompson S1 .PDF
Thompson S2 .PDF
Thompson S3 .PDF
Thornhill S1 .PDF
Tilston S1 .PDF
Tolstoi S1 .PDF
Treesbank S1 .PDF
Treherne S1 .PDF
Tyndall-Garson S1 .PDF
Tyndall-Garson S2 .PDF
Tyndall-Garson S3 .PDF
Underhill S1 .PDF
Valley River S1 .PDF
Vassar S1 .PDF
Victoria Beach S1 .PDF
Virden S1 .PDF
Virden S2 .PDF
Vista S1 .PDF
Vita S1 .PDF
Vogar S1 .PDF
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Wabowden S1 .PDF
Wakopa S1 .PDF
Wampum S1 .PDF
Warren S1 .PDF
Waskada S1 .PDF
Waterhen S1 .PDF
Waterhen S2 .PDF
Wawanesa S1 .PDF
Wellwood S1 .PDF
Westbourne S1 .PDF
Westgate S1 .PDF
West Hawk Lake S1 .PDF
Wheatland S1 .PDF
Whitemouth S1 .PDF
Whitewater S1 .PDF
Winkler S1 .PDF
Winkler S2 .PDF
Winnipegosis S1 .PDF
Winnipeg Beach S1 .PDF
Winnipeg Beach S2 .PDF
Winnipeg Beach S3 .PDF
Woodlands S1 .PDF
Woodnorth S1 .PDF
Woodridge S1 .PDF
Woodside S1 .PDF
Zhoda S1 .PDF
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