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Government of Manitoba
Land Initiative

Manitoba Land Initiative

Quarter Section Grids

Southern Grid -

All DLS township and section boundaries were derived by photo interpretation of the centerline intersection points of dominion government road allowances as shown on 60,000 scale ortho photos where coverage exists and mathematical computation of the boundaries relative to said road allowance intersection points. Where no ortho photo coverage existed boundaries were 50,000 NTS map sheets. Coordinates are in the NAD83 UTM projection.

Northern Grid -

The product is a computed, topologically structured, theoretical quarter section grid of the unsurveyed north. Coordinates are in the NAD83 UTM projection.

Manitoba Cadastral Polygons The Northern Theoretical Tiles, the Southern Reference Grid and the most accurate southern Cadastral Mapping datasets are combined into this dataset.
Southern Grids  
Original Southern Grid  Southern Manitoba by Municipality or LGD

Manitoba Reference Grid 


DLS Grid Thematic Map Version 

  Under construction
Northern Grids  
Northern Grid  Master tiles  Northern Manitoba - Townships in large province wide blocks.
Northern Grid  Sub-tiles  Northern Manitoba - Township master tiles divided into smaller blocks.
Northern Grid  Quarter Sections  Northern Manitoba - Quarter Section grid
DLS Grid data  
DLS corner points  DLS Section & Quarter section points of Southern Manitoba
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