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Click on general area of interest to download ortho photo mosaic


Swan River_01 Swan River_02 Interlake_02 Interlake_06 Parkland_09 Eastman_06 Eastman_07 Lake Winnipeg - no data Glenella_02 Interlake_07 Eastman_08 Interlake_09 Exurban Eastman_10 Eastman_11 Parkland_06 Brandon_04 Brandon_03 Portage_01 Portage_02 Ritchot_03 Eastman_12 Eastman_13 Parkland_04 Parkland_03 Brandon_01 Brandon_02 Pembina_06 Eastman_14 Eastman_15 Ritchot_02 Parkland_01 Parkland_02 Pembina_01 Pembina_02 Pembina_03 Pembina_04 Eastman_16 Eastman_17 Ritchot_01 Consol Swan_River_04 Swan_River_03 Eastman_01 Eastman_02 Eastman_04 Eastman_05 Interlake_01 Interlake_03 Interlake_04 Interlake_05 Parkland_10 Parkland_08 Parkland_07 Glenella_01 Interlake_08 Eastman_09 Parkland_05 Pembina_05 Mountain_01 Mountain_02 Mountain_04 Mountain_07 Mountain_05 Mountain_03 Mountain_06 Mountain_08 Mountain_10 Mountain_09 Mountain_11 Mountain_12 Mountain_13 Mountain_14 Lake  Manitoba - no data



Note: Tiles are in MrSid compressed format and require the MrSid viewer or MrSid enabled software package to view.  The MrSid GeoViewer and MrSid Browser Plug-in are available as a download from: LizardTech  Most other GIS software applications (ArcView, ArcExplorer, FGis etc.) are able to read these datasets. Tiles range in size from 20 to 98 Mb.

Download world files (.SDW) for all MrSid tiles (may be required for older versions of software).

Download  MrSid Ortho grid in SHAPE format

Download  5K Ortho grid in SHAPE format

Download Township grid in SHAPE format


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