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Cadastral Mapping

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Township  Diagrams
Cadastral Index (SHP)
Rural  2012-08-27l
Rural_cities  2012-08-27
Townships  2012-08-27
Winnipeg  2012-08-27
All Cadastral Polygons combined (SHP) (2016_01_05)
All Cadastral Lines combined (SHP)  (2016_01_05)
All Cadastral Text combined (SHP)  (2016_01_05)


  Update Info Metadata Version Date .GDB
Manitoba Cadastral Polygons .XLSX .XML   .PDF 2.001 2018-03-27 .GDB

The Manitoba Cadastral Polygons dataset contains three types of GeoManitoba Cadastral Mapping products together in one seamless product. The Northern Theoretical Tiles, the Southern Reference Grid and the most accurate southern Cadastral Mapping datasets are combined into this dataset.

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